About the Chronicler of the Lost

Welcome to the domain of stories where words are literally power and where sanity isn’t welcome. Stories have existed ever since the dawn of time and they are infinite and ever increasing. It is a seemingly impossible task to attempt and know all of them since stories aren’t strictly bound to the written word or kept in the fragility of human memory and otherwise…but one can try to do so or contributing to the growing mass of tales in their own little way.

I am the Chronicler of the Lost, one of the infinite number of beings attempting such an impossible task. I am but a simple writer making my contributions as best as I can and it is my greatest hope that the stories I have woven from words and from the unknown will inspire you, stir you, make you rethink on what is real and what isn’t- anything really. I am but a catalyst to others’ life-stories but if you don’t care for all that mumbo-jumbo then I simply wish that you enjoy what you’ve read.

PS: Please be noted that I will put up news and updates under the MESSAGES section of the site. Stories will be filed under their RESPECTIVE TITLES and updates will be regularly shown on this page. Please check back once in a while to see if there’s an update or two.

PPS: Below this message, you can see ALL posted stories with all the currently released chapters and parts and the links to them. Please drop by once in a while to see if there’s an update because the list below changes frequently!

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The Chronicler of the Lost



-The Weaver Series

  1. Pattern 1: PREdestination

Released Chapters:

-Backburner Stories

In which I add in stories which I have either not thought of continuing or spontaneously wrote down but are still of interest to me. Who knows? Maybe I might continues these tales…

Summary: Milton’s seemingly harmless and idyllic childhood turns out to be much more sinister than what he thought…

-The Story of a Month and Forever

(AKA: A 30 day challenge on writing)


What is the point of life when you have nothing to live for? What is the point of living when there’s nothing to do? What is the point? These are the questions the broken hollow ones would ask themselves and each question drives them closer and closer to their own demise. So, what of the ones who are not quite yet completely hollow? What about the ones who are teetering on the edge of being broken?

Released Chapters:


-Trials of a Grasshopper (Short Stories)

A series of short stories written for school work and short story writing practice… (Inside joke: I am CHRIS WONG and I have no friends ahahahha)

Released Stories:

  • A Letter from Yesterday <link>

A letter from yesterday brings memories for tomorrow.

A near midnight rendezvous brings one man much too close to danger for comfort.

  • (NEW) Competition Entry (Theme: Victory) – Ouroboros <link>

A writing competition entry I submitted to the local paper but never won. A story about bitter rivalry at school thrown in with a bad case of a time loop and questioned moralities and of the meaning of victory